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The Only Thing Better than Our Products

At Contact Chemicals, we know that your lifting cost per BOE is highly impacted through the price of chemical. Therefore we are dedicated to building specific products for every chemical need to ensure effective costing and save you money.

Meticulous Testing Sounds Expensive! Is it?

We are extremely thorough and explore each obstacle to determine the root of the complication. Rather than testing at the facility only, we go into the field and sample individual wells. The lab can then perform the appropriate testing to determine what the issues are and where they are coming from. We will suggest the specific application methods needed in order to treat the concerns found.

The ICP allows us to measure the amounts of iron, manganese, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, barium and strontium, which gives a much more comprehensive view of the system than iron and manganese alone.

Our Service Pledge - Competitively Priced Production Improvement Solutions

To demonstrate our commitment to your company, Contact Chemicals offers the following assurance of service.

  • Complete engagement with our customers - Before we help you on your way, we first spend time finding out where you are going and where you want to be.  Therefore, communication is key to an effective, long-term chemical program.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of chemistry - Most importantly, we know exactly which products are needed for maximum performance and how to get them to you quickly and as inexpensively as possible.
  • We know Alberta's energy landscape - We will come to you, no matter where in the province your assets may be located. Backroads are our business.
  • A willingness to innovate - We have dedicated Chemical Technologists and EITs under the guidance of a Bachelor of Science graduate at our head office/laboratory. If we don't have the exact solution to your production process issue, we can simply create a new one.
A Contact field representative conducting on-site well tests

Outstanding in his field.
Trent Elgert, our Account Manager is performing a Millipore test at a compressor station.