E Series; Conventional and Specialty Demulsifiers

Our demulsifier series features a wide range of over 70 potential products to test, based on the emulsion that needs treatment. The demulsifier series includes both water and oil-based products and specific products for water in oil emulsions and oil in water emulsions. We will also design and test brand new products custom-built for each oil, gas or production facility. Contact’s recommendations include on-site bottle testing to make sure the fluid tested is the best representation of the system possible. 

H2S Scavengers

Our H2S scavenger lineup consists of several products, depending on the situation. We currently carry MEA and MMA triazines as our primary solutions to most systems. Contact also carries a formaldehyde-based product that is used in certain, rare conditions. Other products we have developed include glyoxal and THPS products, which can be made available if necessary.

S Series; Scale Inhibitors

Scale inhibitors used to prevent the precipitation and deposition of oilfield scales. Batch, continuously injected and squeeze type inhibitors are available. Compatibility with the produced fluids and its environment will determine the product and application.


Contact Chemicals developed a wide variety of products to prevent corrosion. Our staff can help you select the most cost-effective treatment possible. To ensure this, we can trace most of our products through your system using fluoresces based residuals (which is more sensitive and accurate than your standard dye-extraction method, allowing a more precise optimization).

We can prevent corrosion from occurring due to CO2, H2S and other acid gases in all of Alberta’s brines. From our cost-effective C1121, C1135 and C1210 to our deluxe products such as C1103, C1120 or C1223, all regimes are developed and designed to your custom needs.

We do not just apply our products; we can provide risk analysis and test results to back up our product’s performances. These tests include Wheel Tests and Static Autoclaves (for sweet and sour), which can perform tests up to 110°C, 5,515kPa, 50% CO2 and 25% H2S. All we need is operating conditions and gas analysis. Our Risk Assessments were developed in-house and are regularly updated and fine-tuned to better service your needs.

B Series; Antibacterial Solutions - Getting the Bugs Out

To maximize microbial control, we offer a range of antibacterial products that are designed to control bacterial contamination in production fields and facilities. We carry different products based on the requirements of the system, including fast-acting products and long-term antibacterial. We can test the efficiency of these products using ATP testing, SRB and APB bottles, as well as BART bottles. Along with numerous third-party labs capable of more in-depth bacteria testing, including species differentiation and DNA identification.

***B2160 has Pest Control Product #32544

Oxygen Scavengers/Methanol Inhibitors

We offer several different products specialized for scavenging or chelating oxygen in a facility.

Contact also offers methanol inhibitors that can neutralize the effect of oxygen in methanol, and protect facilities from methanol-induced corrosion.


Several different foamers, anti-foamers and defoamers are offered, based on the properties of the system. All of our products have been successful in offloading gas wells and increasing production on high or low water cut wells. Using unique surfactants, Contact Chemical’s products can work well in high TDS conditions, along with excellent temperature stability.

P Series; Products For Managing Paraffin and Asphaltene

We can offer various formulations of inhibitors, crystal modifiers, dispersants and solvents that are effective on both paraffins and asphaltenes. These products are available in oil-based, water-based or as a mutual solvent/dispersant. Contact has a wide variety of tests to ensure the best product is used for each situation. This includes solvent analysis, viscosity testing, pour point/cloud point testing along with other specialty methods. Our composition analysis can determine the exact amount of paraffin and asphaltene in each sample, which helps determine the best product to use.

Stimpro Series; Stimulation to Promote Production

Our Stimpro lineup covers a broad range of acid stimulation products, from citric acid to hydrochloric acid (HCl) and several different hydrochloric acid substitutes (HAS) that are less destructive to metals than HCl. These products are typically used in acid stimulations, cleaning up the wellbores and perforations and opening up the formation to increase production in producing and water injection wells. Each product in the Stimpro lineup includes a clay stabilizer and mutual solvent to protect the formation and clean up hydrocarbons to allow the acid to clean up the scale unimpeded.