E Series; Conventional and Specialty Demulsifiers

Conventional Demulsifiers designed and tested in each area to determine the most effective formula for each oil, gas or production facility. A wide range of slugging or batch treating Demulsifiers are also available.

S Series; Scale Inhibitors Keep A Pipe Cleaner

Scale inhibitors used to prevent the precipitation and deposition of oilfield scales. Batch, continuously injected and squeeze type inhibitors are available. Compatibility with the produced fluids and its environment will determine the product and application.

C Series; Corrosion Inhibitors Protect Your Infrastructure

Corrosion Inhibitors; gas phase, vapor phase, water, emulsion, batch type or continuous injection application.

B Series; Anti-Bacterial Solutions - Getting the Bugs Out

Anti bacterial products designed to control bacterial contamination in production fields and facilities.

***B2160 has Pest Control Product #32544

Combo Series; A Myriad of Miscellaneous Products

This series contains products such as Chelating Agents, Foamers, Antifoamers, Scale/Corrosion Inhibitors, Oxygen Scavengers, H2S Inhibitors, Water Clarifiers and Degreasers.

P Series; Products For Managing Paraffin and Asphaltene

Paraffin and or Paraffin/Asphaltene products. Formulations of inhibitors, crystal modifiers, dispersants and solvents. These products are tested with the produced fluids to ensure the best product is used for the type of application.

Stimpro Series; Pipe Stimulation to Promote Production

These products are designed for wellbore stimulation. Products in this series include a variety of acids, surfactants and solvents or a combination of any of the products already mentioned.