How we Fixed a Wax Issue for a Customer

Resulting in Thousands of Dollars in Savings

There once was a time when Contact Chemicals was invited to help mitigate wax issues for a prominent producer in the greater Pembina area. This customer's current dewax cost per year was over 2 million, and we came in trying to see if there was a cheaper and more efficient solution. We were given five wells with paraffin issues to start the trail with a similar application as the incumbent of a 3500ppm continuous injection of aromatic solvent as per the customer's request. We were quick to set up temporary tanks and plumb into existing pumps so we wouldn't disrupt the production of the wells. Based on our internal lab testing results, we were able to narrow down our potential workable products to 2 options that were considerably cheaper than our competitors. During this testing time, we had account managers on location every day for the first two weeks of trial to ensure that pump rates were on target. Our account managers also monitored the rod loads via on-site SAM controllers.

Based on the data we collected over the first two weeks, we were able to present information to our customer and continue with phase 1 of our optimization plan, which involved reducing injection rates by 500ppm to 3000ppm. After this, we continued to monitor rod loads as well as injection rates over the next four weeks.

With six weeks of data and trending we had collected, our customer felt comfortable going into another phase of optimization and reducing the injection rate by another 500ppm to 2500ppm. We continued at the same level of service, data collecting, and trending rod loads to ensure there were no issues.

After another four weeks, both Contact Chemicals and our customer agreed to enter into phase 3 of optimization again by reducing the injection rate by another 500ppm to 2000ppm.

After 14 weeks, we have been able to offer a cheaper priced product while reducing the injection rate by 1500ppm with no issues. The total cost savings is over $1000/well thus far. Our customer has over 250 wells on the incumbents program of 3500ppm and by utilizing Contact Chemicals products, followed by trending rod loads in correlation with injection rates, there is a potential savings of over $250,000 annually.

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