Switching a Customer's Batch Program to Continuous Injection

One of our customers has recently developed an issue regarding various trucked in loads coming into their battery with a high wax content. This customer is currently trucking in sweet & sour fluids from various locations, which are stored in separate slop tanks. They recycle fluids through their treater as necessary. After recycled, the fluids are sent to a sales tank and once cuts are 0.3% or lower, the oil is trucked out to its next destination.

Due to high wax content being trucked in from various locations, operators were having trouble achieving 0.3% as wax was tying water up in the fluid, so the water was not dropping out. Originally, we batched our P7211 dispersant through the recycle, into the treater and into the sales tank to achieve dry oil. Due to the high batch volumes being used to achieve dry oil (roughly 20 litres to 30 litres per day) we brought in our portable trailer & connected a continuous injection to the inlet line on the treater. We have kept continuous injection at a rate of 10 litres per day and it has been successful in shipping at or below the 0.3% limit and we will continue to optimize.

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