Team South Success Stories

Sundre Area

This area is produced from the Cardium and has had significant history of wax. Flowing casings and high fluid levels provided limited treatment options yet a 30% reduction in chemical related lift costs over previous vendor were observed in 2013 with no wax related down time. Lift costs continued to drop in 2014 by a further 15%. So far in 2015 chemical related lift costs have dropped from an average of $1.20 per BOE to $0.40 per BOE with minimal wax related down time! This has been largely due to close customer relations on routine optimization of treatment programs.

Gadsby Area

Sour field licensed for sweet service requires H2S removal to be done on site at the well heads. Contact Chemicals was able to reduce injection rates by 40% on average over the previous vendor resulting in a 15% reduction in scavenger related production costs. Contact Chemicals HS5218 provides superior chemistry to protect your pipelines and field assets from H2S related issues.  

Twining Area

Pikisko formation, history of scale and wax related issues causing significant down time.  Previous history showed extreme scale build up throughout wells in field and treating facility. Upon acquisition of this field several rig jobs were performed on wells in the field and considerable scale deposition was discovered. Contact developed a batch treatment program for this field that has been performed monthly since acquisition. Two rig jobs in the month of September showed no scale deposition on any equipment, confirming the effectiveness of our program.