Team West Success Stories

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One of our customers had decided to proceed with production with zero treatment. After 9 months without chemical this field was having extreme problems. Due to the issues occurring the management of this field decided to start a new treatment regime. After batching every well with 630 liters of chemical and 2 cubes of condensate this field has seen major improvements. 3 years later Contact has been able to cut this customer's chemical usage down to 2 liters per day via continuous injection, or batching a few of their wells monthly with 105 liters of P7210.

One of our customers had a well with scaling tendencies. Due to these tendencies this well was unable to run any longer than 2-3 months. After Contact implemented a treatment regime that consisted of shutting the casing and batching 8 liters per day twice per week this well has been running over 7 months.