Team East Success Story

A customer had a well that was being treated by a competitor for paraffin related issues. It is a pumping oil well from the Leduc D3 formation that maintained a high fluid level, therefore chemical injection down the casing was not an option. The production from this well was pipelined to an oil battery. Operations were seeing an excess of wax when they pigged in both the pig trap and battery inlet.


Competitors program:

Paraffin dispersant/solvent injected into the flow line before the separator at 22 liters per day.  

Demulsifier injected into the flow line before the separator at 6 liters per day.

Total cost for this well was $ 148.58 per day.


Contact's program:

We were able to make a Paraffin dispersant and Demulsifier combo product that would only require one tank and pump. This product was injected in the same place as the competitors at a lower rate of 14 liters per day; pigging results showed 30% less wax than previous and was softer as well.

Total cost for this well is $92.26 per day.


Even though Contact's product is more expensive per liter we were able save the customer $56.32 per day on chemical costs with less issues with both the pipeline and battery inlet. Total chemical savings per year is $18,641.92.