Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the highest quality products available. To recommend the application of the products to achieve the maximum benefit. To maximize production and minimize lift and maintenance costs. To maintain the highest degree of professionalism and service in the industry.

Trust Contact Chemicals to have the expertise for conducting stringent testing on your produced fluids and gas stream. We will advise you on the right chemistry, and the appropriate timing and application methods, for optimal results.

With our custom specialty chemicals, we can extend the life of your infrastructure enormously saving you time, money and headaches.

Call Contact Chemicals today to discover how we can bring our decades of oilfield experience to the maintenance of your energy extraction assets.

At Contact, we've got Great Chemistry with our Clients

Contact Chemicals has been an industry leader in the development and application of oil and gas chemistry for almost 20 years. Contact owner, George Hetzner, speaks proudly of how his company has made huge strides in technological advancements and enhanced chemical support for custom projects during his time at the helm. The Contact team is devoted to our customers and take pride in providing outstanding service to ensure a trouble-free operating system at the lowest possible cost.














   Analyze this!

   We do most of the analysis out of our Main Laboratory located north of Wetaskiwin.

What sets us apart

Efficiently Thorough:

We sample all wells individually and never assume they're all the same.

Enhanced Engagement:

Field time with our client's infrastructure is two to three times longer than our competitors... at no extra cost.

Expanded Product Selection:

Trust Contact to have the most impressive range of protective chemicals you need when you need them, and the knowledge of how and when to apply them.

Energy-Sector Expertise:

We know chemistry, so if we don't have a solution to your current production ailment, we can customize a new one, plus advise you best on their correct application.

Exceptional Coverage of Alberta's Oilpatch:

We stock inventory in a number of locations around the province to ensure fast, reliable delivery of your order.

Contact by the numbers

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Number of employees
Number of Paraffin and Asphaltene products developed
Number of Alberta communities with a Contact presence
Number of corrosion inhibitors stocked
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Number of new products to be developed for our clients

What our customers have to say

George, your guys are on top of things as always. Really appreciate the service provided by all of your crew.

Rob Rooyakkers, Field Foreman, Lightstream Resources